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CD Baby

We enjoyed the CD [More Than Enough] very much. Very refreshing. We really enjoyed the title track. It helps you know what the Lord has done and what we are left to do.

CD Baby

Great soul music! After hearing cuts from [More Than Enough] on "Issues Etc." I just had to purchase it. Music that comforts and inspires!

CD Baby

Inspired and inspiring! I play [More Than Enough] all the time. Eric and Polly's talent is amazing, but it is the sincerity of these songs that goes right to my heart. I am uplifted by their music!

CD Baby

You need this music! I bought both of their cds for our anniversary, and my wife and I have enjoyed them very much. There is so much good to say about their music, all of the songs are very good. Nice and relaxing, funny at times and moving at other times. I highly recommend them.

Marshall, Mich.

I don't like Christian music, but I liked this!

Issues, Etc.

I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that I would be hearing beautiful music like this--a song--you know, you ask the average Christian artist, "Oh, can you write a song about the scripture's doctrine of vocation?" and they'd laugh in your face. You've managed to do it ... and beautifully so!... I will say without qualification ... you express it as clearly and ... more eloquently and succinctly than I manage to do on the air most times.... I cannot say "thank you" in grand enough terms for you guys' taking what you guys have heard on this program and putting it so beautifully to music. Thank you to both of you.

Hamel, Ill.

You guys are GREAT! Keep up the music!!!!

Marshall, Mich.

I've never heard such good pop Christian music.... You don't hear songs like this on Christian radio, or I'd be listening!

Detroit, Mich.

Your CD [More Than Enough] sounds great! It is very healing and is filled with the Spirit.

"Live from the Living Room" newsletter

Eric and Polly's down-home harmony-driven vocals are eloquently accompanied by mountain dulcimer and some really astounding flat-pick guitar. Their songs are loaded with lessons both romantic and faith-based. Bittersweet, traditional, and lightly comedic, this musical duo creates music born of their real experiences, spiritual philosophies, and, of course, their beautiful, wide-open hearts.

Pontiac, Mich.

Am listening to the end of [More Than Enough.] Love it! Especially liked "Lauren's Lullaby," "You Came to Me," Polly's "I Thank God for You," and the fantastic arrangement of solo vs. chorus in "Surprised by Joy." Am impressed with the clarity of Eric's words (beautiful enunciation), the intricacy of his guitar accompaniment, and Polly's musically perfect harmonization. Keep up the great work--to His glory!