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Unreleased songs

The Best Gift

© 2002 Polly Rapp. All rights reserved.


A Christmas song from Polly, written in 2002 and now available for the 2008 Christmas season as a lo-fi demo. (Technical difficulties prevented the recording and upload of a studio version at this time.) A blessed Christmas to all listeners!


The stockings are hung and the house is aglow

with bright colored lights shining out on the snow.

The cards have been written, the shopping is done,

and our social commitments keep us on the run. 


But have we forgotten what started all this?

The priest-king who redeemed our lost lives with his...

that the first precious gifts were presented to him

who was born in a stable, dung-scented and dim.


There was gold for the king that he was and would be,

incense for worship-–a priest on his knees–-

and myrrh for the death that he died in our place...

Jesus gave the best gift of them all: that of grace.


So how shall we answer this great gift of love,

when all of our money could not be enough?

He wants no great riches, no pious facade....

Let's gift-wrap ourselves as a present to God.


Put on kindness and patience as you worship the king,

a humble, true spirit as sweet offering,

and love without limit for his sacrifice.

It's the best we can offer for a gift without price.